Candy Sushi Made with the Help of My Friend Bailey from Cambridge, Maryland

In February, I blogged about making sushi with Kip. Jon Harper, a principal from Maryland who has an awesome blog, showed that to his nine year old daughter, Bailey. She responded that my post reminded her of a video she saw about someone making candy sushi. We made a plan to make candy sushi in the summer. After communicating for a few months, today Bailey taught me how to make candy sushi using RIce KrispieĀ treats, Gummi Worms, Swedish Fish and fruit roll-ups. Thanks to Bailey, I made Rice Krispie bars for the first time. Her dad and I connect on Twitter and Voxer and today Bailey and I interacted through GHO (Google Hangout) where I got to see her creations, listen to and watch her walk me through the steps of making the candy sushi and interact in real time. It was a great experience to connect and share our passion for cooking.

image image image image

This is not only a fun example of connecting on a new cooking adventure but is also an example of authentic learning, sharing your passion and it demonstrates the power of a PLN (Personal Learning Network).



My plan is to connect again with Bailey next in Cupcake Wars! We’ll give each other a secret ingredient that has to be incorporated into the cupcakes and share our creations on GHO. After that, I want to to enhance this experience by meeting Bailey, Jon and the rest of their family in person when I am in the Washington, DC area in October and can take a side trip to where they live in eastern Maryland near the Chesapeake Bay.


It’s amazing what an idea, a few ingredients and technology can create!


One comment

  1. Dan Rice · July 17, 2015

    What a splendid idea! Fun and imaginative.


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