Bringing People Together with Food – The First Annual Rice Lake Staff and their Family Members’ Picnic

Yesterday, we hosted the First Annual Rice Lake Staff and their Family Members’ Picnic. 45 adults and kids enjoyed spectacular weather, games, socializing, and a delicious catered barbecue with creamy coleslaw, mustard potato salad, smoked pulled chicken, beef brisket, and desserts!

image image

While I didn’t do any of the cooking, one theme of Principal Who Cooks is still relevant; food brings people together.

I organized this first event for a number of reasons. Our staff needed time to check in with each other after summer break and a successful start to the new school year; we needed to meet and reconnect with spouses and children that we hear about at school and see on social media; and we needed some fun!


We all have busy work and family lives and when we can connect the two, it strengthens relationships, builds trust, and puts things in perspective. It was fun to watch my staff members and their small kids, hear about staff members’ older children, and catch up on summer adventures. And, having all this happen while enjoying a great picnic was a bonus!


I’m hoping this becomes an annual event so, Rice Lake Roadrunners, save the afternoon of the first Saturday after the first week of school in September 2016 for the Second Annual Rice Lake Staff and their Family Members’ Picnic!


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  1. Kathleen · September 13, 2015

    It was so nice to be together and laugh and eat and especially fun to meet the kids and spouses! Thanks Mark!

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